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Not Your Typical Box

CrossFit Eglinton is not your typical CrossFit Box. We provide a fully integrated approach to fitness with coaches that are not only trained in performance fitness but also health and wellness. We pride ourselves on creating a nurturing teaching environment that is great for anyone who is new to CrossFit. In addition to Strength & Conditioning, Plyometrics, Olympic Lifting and other types of training, our program offers nutrition, body composition protocols, injury prevention/ management, and biomechanical movement optimization. Our methodology is to provide the proper understanding and technique for our foundation, functional movements, combine it with high intensity programming, and support it with proper nutrition practices to help build the complete individual.

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program designed to push your body in all aspects of fitness to establish optimum physical competence by using constantly varied workouts.

Come out and try a class today to see if you’ve got what it takes to do CrossFit. We welcome beginners and those who have never tried it before but heard about it from a friend or around the water cooler at work. Class sizes are limited so please call 647-352-2348 or book online to reserve your spot. Your First Class is always FREE!

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